Prayer Points for August and September 2019

You can download a PDF calendar to print from here or get plain text for Torch here.

26 August
John and Remy Tan and the work of Wycliffe
27 August
SRE: seeds that are planted will grow
28 August
KAZ and Youth: praise God for love shown in action
29 August
Freshope Executive: unity in the Holy Spirit
30 August
Praise God for He hears our prayers and listens to us
31 August
Pray for those caring for the elderly and sick
Sun 1 September
Praise God for He is our Heavenly Father
Mon 2 September
Pastor Victor's ministry sat KCOC
Tue 3 September
Discipleship and mentoring needs
Wed 4 September
KAZ outreach to continue well with sound results for the children
Thu 5 September
Southern Cross Kids Camp January 2020 preparation
Fri 6 September
Life groups: good fellowship and spiritual nurture
Sat 7 September
Property development plans and discussions
Sun 8 September
Table@399 and providing spiritual as well as physical support
Mon 9 September
Prayer life to grow with more involvement in corporate prayer
Tue 10 September
SRE in our local schools and Bible based teaching to be delivered well
Wed 11 September
Youth work development, leadership and growth
Thu 12 September
Elders, Deacons & Ministry Leaders
Fri 13 September
Protection over KCOC and that it will always be a Safe Church Space
Sat 14 September
The impact of the light rail to bring more exposure to KCOC
Sun 15 September
Worship Team-to be Holy Spirit lead
Mon 16 September
Pray for those caring for the sick and elderly in our community
Tue 17 September
Praise God for SRE partnership with Wild Street at Pagewood
Wed 18 September
Pray for direction re mission support in the future
Thu 19 September
The Holy Spirit to reveal Jesus Christ to all
Fri 20 September
Persecuted Churches across the globe
Sat 21 September
John & Remy Tan and the work of Wycliffe
Sun 22 September
Sunday Club ministry to grow in numbers
Mon 23 September
Rain to come and relieve the drought stricken areas
Tue 24 September
Justice for those who are victims of crime
Wed 25 September
Merciful hearts and God's gift of faith in trials
Thu 26 September
Rachel Gibbs and outreach to Uni students in Austria
Fri 27 September
The PM Scott Morrison
Sat 28 September
All our students, young and old
Sun 29 September
Super Sunday-for Jesus' light to shine through His people
Mon 30 September
Thank God for the employment He has given to many